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Welcome to my online portfolio. Some of my projects that i worked.

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Admin Service Portal API Dev

Admin service portal for managining all internal and external the Invoices, Vouchers, Champing, Merchants, Partners, Sales, Transactions, Baggages etc.

Main: NodeJs, Azure, NodeJS, Mssql, Angular, Typeorm, MongoDB, & Docker.

VQW Vesta Admin Controller & API Dev

The hub has a built-in speaker that broadcasts voice prompts as well as a siren for alarm. The hub is designed to be online 24/7 with its 10-hour back-up battery and 4G LTE SIM.

Main: NodeJs, Springboot, ReactJs, Redux, Bootstap, Microservice Arch

Backend Service to PingOne (SSO)

Intergrating the all microservice into single sign on services. technologies are depending when Intergrating the services.

Main: PinOne SSO, Azure APIM, PHP, NodeJs etc.

Azure APIM and Function App

Azure API Management is made up of an API gateway, a management plane, and a developer portal.

Main: Azure, Third Party APIs, NodeJs, C#, etc..

Hybrid-App (Android & IoS) app offers a fresh approach to networking and interacting with contacts to trade with.Addressing some of the real challenges of post networking meeting engagement, app has been built to allow our members to build their own extensive profile to share and post within the community.

Main: Ionic framework, Angular, Firebase, NodeJs

Blockchain Energy Supply Chain for MESI 2.0 (Payment Settlements & Tracking)

Blockchain based energy industry automation for payment Settlements. Prototype for malaysian energy supply industry.

Main: Nodejs, Chai.js, Express.js, Web3.js, Ethereum, Solidity, ReactJs and Bootstrap)

The Business Club & API

The Business Club is made up of a professional and experienced group of individuals, all from successful business backgrounds. Our senior team consists of people from the world of Accounting, Legal Services, Services Supply, Supply Chain Management, Information Technology and Advertising.

Main: Codeigniter, Bootstrp, API, Js, Firebase

VQW Main Portal & API

VQ strives to empower our subscribers with the freedom to access entertainment content and to surf with no limitations. Established since 2001 as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Singapore.

Main: Nodejs, PHP, Wordpress, Bootstrp, Salesforce

ISP FDNS User Tracking system

Tracking the user's activities for future predicion.

Main: 6Connect, Salesforce, Codeigniter, Moodle, PHP, Joomla, Bootstrp

Payment Hybrid App

Payment settlement hybrid app for customers to pay their bills, subscribe to new service, and checking status of the connection etc..

Main: Nodejs, Codeigniter, PHP, Ionic framework, Salesfores & ohter internal APIs.

SLIATE - Ministry of Education (complete portal solution)

The Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education is a statutory body in Sri Lanka coming under the purview of the Education Ministry in Sri Lanka.

Main: Codeigniter, Moodle, PHP, Joomla, Bootstrp

VQW FDNS zone.conf Generator

DNS (domain name system) is a system that converts human-readable addresses (domain names) into machine-understandable addresses (IP).

Main: Codeigniter, Bootstrap, MySQL, DNS Server

Payment Portal for Suspend Customers

Payment settlement portal for customers.

Main: Codeigniter, Salesforce, J2EE, Zoura, Bootstrap.

Device Quality Controler

This application tests for smart devices. it has both front and backend systems.

Main: Codeigniter, Bootstrap, Webservices, Rasberry Pi Device

Paypal Integration for Salesforce and API Dev

Paypal and Zoura integration with salesforce crm for payment settlement.

Main: Codeigniter, Salesforce, Paypal API, Zoura, Bootstap.

Atout Restaurant store & WIFI user data capture

Backend system for fetch the WIFI user's data. and Restaurant store order system.

Main: Codeigniter, Bootstrap, Wifi devies.

6Connect ISP API Automation

6connect - Revolutionary Network Automation Software. API integration with salesforce and API developments.

Main: 6Connect, Salesforce, NodeJs, Codeigniter

GPS based context aware Digital Signage Solution for Luxury busses - Android APP

Digital Signage system for Luxury busses.

Main: Java, Android, SugarORM, XML

Digital Signage System [Xpress Broadcasting] - Backend

Backend system for Signage ads management and live updates.

Main: Java, Spring, JDBC, Bootstap

London Real-state property listing

content management system. framewok build

Main: PHP, Pluspro framework, Bootstrap

Out turn App

Tea Factory manage turn out teas.

Main: Java, SugarORM, Android

Prompt Backend System

Tea industry employment management system.

Main: Java, Bootstap, Spring, Codeigniter

AKOFE Project

Main portal of AKOFE project.

Main: Joomla, Bootstap

ACCMT Revmap Project

Backend integration with ACCMT web and revmap.

Main: Joomla, Bootstrap, Yii

Siyane News Media - Web & Radio Automation

Online News portal and Radio streaming 24/7.

Main: PHP, Codeigniter, Bootstap, Winamp

Online Results Management System

Students Result management system. Backend system

Main: Laravel, Bootstrap, Java, Spring

SPN - Push Notification System for Mobile & Web

Push notification system for student, lecturer, admin

Main: Codeigniter, Bootstrap, Firebase, Docker

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